This was Salma Hayek’s home in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz

Salma Hayek He has become one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. The actress, who came out of the melodrama Teresa, later appeared in Mexican cinema in the film “El Callejón de los Milagros” and later entered American films, has become an inspiration as well as a style icon.

After becoming an actress and film producer businesswoman, Veracruzana has extended the name of her native Coatzacoalcos. Salma Hayek He spent his childhood in a house located in the center of the city, which currently looks poor and in a state of abandoned,

Born on September 2, 1966 in this southern port of Veracruz; Salma Hayek She is the daughter of Lebanese-born businessman Sami Hayek Dominguez; and his mother, Spanish-born Diana Jiménez Medina. He enjoyed his childhood and youth, like any child of Cotzacoalcos, among the sea and boats, although he lived in a house, which was one of the most luxurious and expensive in his time because of the marble and wood finishes, dating back to 520. was located at No. Avenida 18 de Marzo Corner with Nicolas Bravo in the center of town.

His Childhood at Harbor House

In this house were forged the dreams of a girl who is currently dazzled by her talent in the film industry, where she has surrounded herself with great stars with whom she shares credits, directs them and in some cases her friendship. Too.

She currently owns several houses, but certainly as a child she never thought that from Coatzacoalcos she would come to live in London, England. the house they grew up in Salma Hayek And his brother Sami had a wide-ranging position, as his mother, Diana, was an opera singer, while his father, Sami, worked as an oil company executive.

Talking to The Guardian, the actress described her childhood as an idyllic one. His community was tidy, and he and his family lived near the sea where he spent his childhood playing with neighborhood children, “running free, playing football on the streets and on the beach.”

Life was easy for the youth Salma Hayek: “I was a spoiled brat.” And while that may be true, Hayek’s parents also inspired the actress to use her privilege to help others.

As she revealed herself, her parents “gave dozens of music scholarships” and devoted themselves to other philanthropic work. Hayek also grew up close to his grandmother, María Luisa López, whom he called his “biggest inspiration”, a scientist who was “ahead of his time”. He added: “I still have her in me and always will be.”

in abandonment

Presently, what was their home is neglected, practically abandoned, so plants outside it cover the entrance.

The house shows clear signs of abandonment. The place is completely neglected as the house can be seen from the outside in poor condition, although it is said that it still has electricity and, curiously, a car has been found.

A cornice of the main garage is crumbling, while in another access, a Ford car remains in use for a long time without being seen, with external license plates.

The lamps at the entrance are destroyed by rust, while the large main door has some windows, where they had to have a piece of wood to cover the huge hole caused by the broken glass.

In general, the house, as far as can be seen from the outside, is in poor condition, some people pass by and take pictures of the house, as a reminder of the place where the iconic and famous Mexican actress lived. At one time, who left the city to succeed abroad.

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