This was the first flight of an electric plane in the world

Aviation Alice becomes the first all-electric aircraft to demonstrate a successful flight test, This milestone occurred on September 27 at 7:10 a.m., at Grant County International Airport (United States), and flew over Earth for 8 minutes at an altitude of 1,066 meters.

According to Techeblog, the developer company Aviation Aircraft obtained relevant data from the test that will allow it to continue to improve the aircraft’s technology. In addition to flying for 8 minutes at an altitude of 1,066 m, the aerial vehicle was flying half an hour totalAs reported by FlightRadar 24.

How is Aviation Alice?

can take the plane 9 person at a time and its load capacity is 1,134 kg, Operating electrically, it generates no carbon emissions, has hardly any noise, and its operating cost per hour is significantly reduced compared to current aircraft.

To make the Aviation Alice fly, its creators have equipped it with an electric propulsion system that drives 2 propellers on its T-shaped tail. The company details that the aircraft has a range of 463.5 km on a single charge and is It can reach a maximum speed of 481 km/h.

The aircraft intends to gain a foothold in the passenger transport market.

Udaan is a leader in sustainable flights

Aviation’s President and CEO Gregory Davis assures that this first flight of Aviation Aisles positions it as a leader in “innovative innovation.” permanent air traveland predicts that “it will shape future passenger and cargo travel.”

Last week’s test proved the plane’s success, which is good news for airlines Cape Air Y Global Crossing Airlines Those who have ordered 75 models (first) and 50 (second).

Following these good results, the company intends to continue working on the development of the aircraft until it is certified by the FAA in 2025. Once they get their permission, they’ll spend a year or two before doing flight tests. cape commercial flights in 2027 (expected date).

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