This was the last phrase with which Isabel Presler asked for a divorce from Julio Iglesias

When isabelle presler The decision to divorce Julio Iglesias was something really unusual for the time. Spain’s law still had three years left to pass divorce So it was completely unthinkable to talk about this topic. for those years julio was growing in his career as a singer, and isabelle She was not as diligent on the cover as she would later be, even today with her current partner, writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

It was in 1978 when Isabel Presler was waiting at the airport Julio Iglesias who came from the tour. he had already decided divorce After countless infidelities and masculine attitudes of her husband; Who was expected to stay at home with the kids while he was having fun in the company of other women around the world. As soon as Julio got off the plane, he said forcefully to her: “julioYou had to ask me many times to marry you, but I will tell you only once that we parted.

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