This website allows you to gossip internal emails from Big Tech that have been revealed in the public record

From time to time, leaks due to government investigations or data exposure expose internal company communications.

Most of the time, the content is too long to read, however, internal technical email is a website that Search internal emails of technology companies Which has come in public records.

that page show summarized leaks So that users can easily analyze them. On both Twitter and Instagram, screenshots showing insights from tech entrepreneurs into internal tech email decision making.

some examples

“Eric, I would be very happy if your recruiting department would stop doing this. Thanks, Steve” – ​​Steve Jobs to Eric Schmidt (CEO, Google) March 2007) → An email showing that a Google recruiter is trying to hire an Apple employee.

“Are there any resources from our foundation to help keep the development of a COVID-19 vaccine on track?” – From Mark Zuckerberg to Anthony Fauci in Spring 2020 → Zuckerberg and Facebook often receive criticism, but here he ‘covered himself in glory’ for helping an American scientist.

“We’re going to be so late with a music service that we’ll be forever behind the rest” – Bill Gates, June 2003, to many young people → At that time, Apple had just released the iPod, and Gates was quite worried.

You can click on the following link to view more cases.

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