This website shows the results that an asteroid impact would have anywhere in Spain

After Dart Probe Has Impacted Asteroid Dimorphos which is 11 million km. situated at From Earth, NASA has shown itself one step closer to achieving real planetary defense. While it remains to be seen how far the celestial body’s trajectory has deviated, the mission is progressing as planned.

intent with dart Experiment with space technology designed to survive asteroid crash Larger size on the planet and analyze whether it could be used in the hypothetical case that this were to happen. Although that impact threat is currently far from being real, the possibilities do exist and a map has been created that outlines how the impact will affect different parts of the world.

Asteroid Collision Simulator calculates the damage from the map if an asteroid is a . From Shape bumped into selected Know that the user enters. The web allows you to choose between pre-installed dimensions or do it manually. In this way, for example, Internet users can fill in a meteorite-sized area with the diameter of the asteroid Dimorphos.

The proposals will serve as a test of how prepared countries are to face the threat of confrontation.

By doing this, the page will display different areas that will be affected by the effect.

  • Orange Zone: collision one. It will be characterized by the death of every living being.
  • Yellow Zone: It would end with all the buildings collapsing, people’s skin would burn and most would die.
  • red zone: Infrastructure would be destroyed, debris falling from the sky would be deadly, and people’s skin could be burned.
  • Green area: Various clothing could be burned, debris and heat could be fatal to some, and buildings would be destroyed.
  • gray zone: Unbearable heat waves would be felt, there would be sonic shock waves, and the infrastructure would probably stand still.
  • purple area: People will be aware of the situation due to the noise generated and it will rain with dust and ash.

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