This will be Ellen Pompeo’s farewell to the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy

Don’t go Meredith! Ellen Pompeo’s departure from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is inevitable. Now new details and even pictures of their emotional farewell after season 19 have surfaced.

After four Emmy Awards and 19 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy (a series available on Star Plus) is ready to release its legendary hero and key player in its long-standing success on television: Ellen Pompeo. This has been a recurring theme for fans of Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama and no one wanted the moment to come, Everything is ready for Meredith’s farewell.

The answer is found in a trailer promoting the second part of Grey’s Anatomy’s 19th season. The difference lies in the images and information, as Meredith mentions: “Last Big Day”!, followed by a brief reminder of the previous house fires.


Now get your handkerchiefs ready because the emotional part is coming. in the next scene Meredith smiles and walks into a lonely hallway.It ends in another scene when his co-workers such as Miranda (Chandra Wilson), Richard (James Pickens Jr.), Owen (Kevin McKidd) and dozens of other doctors and nurses prepare a secret goodbye for him.

it gives way with a toast Meredith is saying goodbye to her colleagues and friends, raising a glass, yes, wearing a trench coat and no in her iconic medical uniform, An era in American television has ended and now has a date: This will happen next on February 23 when the second round of episodes will happen which is . makes the 19th season of gray’s anatomyseries you can enjoy star Plus.


Catch Me If You Can and Daredevil: The Man Without Fear actress Ellen Pompeo has yet to share a message or reaction to the first images of the departure of Meredith, a character she’s played for 19 years. It is also important that you know the following: Pompeo will say goodbye gray’s anatomyhalf,

this is because Will continue to record the voiceover that accompanies the episode, so his role as narrator will remain intact throughout the series you can watch star Plus. She also retains her role as executive producer, so many future decisions will continue to be in the hands of Ellen Pompeo.


Of course it won’t be the same behind the scenes, but it will be an inevitable change. However, media attention has also been on Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr., as their contracts only cover until the end of the 19th season Grey’s Anatomy; They may be renewed or… we may also face the sacking of two more members of the original cast and that you can watch on Star Plus right now.

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