Thousands of people have already received digital certificates without leaving home

For the first time in Spain, citizens can obtain their electronic certificate without having to go to an administrative office to prove their identity. Bewor Tech SL, a firm specializing in digital identity, has launched the platform. Through this any user can access and download their Digital certificate without leaving home, 100% online And in just half an hour. This is an alternative to the issuance of certificates currently done by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT). In this case, identity authentication is performed online Through video recognition so that the entire operation can be done in a single act of request and within minutes the digital certificate is ready to use with all guarantees of validity.

A document issued by has the same legal validity as a certificate issued by FNMT. For this, Bewor Tech SL is accredited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as a provider of qualified electronic trust services. Since the publication of order ETD 465/2021 of 6 May, which regulates the video remote identification methods for issuing these digital certificates, this company is one of the few entities in Spain that has taken the initiative to carry out this process. authorization has been obtained. In fact, it is the first time that a unique platform of these features has been created in our country, and in just a few weeks it has issued thousands of certificates with a high level of satisfaction from its users.

Bevor Tech expects to be able to issue more than a thousand new certificates per day in the coming months. The cost of issuing the certificate and all the services that the platform provides for one year is 14.95 euros.

Sign electronic documents in seconds without having to travel or do unnecessary paperwork

In Spain, around twelve million people currently have a digital certificate. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), about three million new certificates are issued annually by the FNMT which allow citizens to expedite procedures with the administration, which are often cumbersome and annoying. It is a digital signature that the user installs in the browser to guarantee his identity on the Internet and that too Allows you to complete procedures before any public body from your computer, mobile device or tablet Which accepts this rubric: Tax Agency, Social Security, SEPE, Civil Registry, Town Hall, Hospital, DGT…

Thanks to this certificate, citizens can identify themselves electronically with complete security and sign or encrypt electronic documents in seconds, without having to travel or fill out unnecessary paperwork. In other words, Ensures that no person impersonates another person by forging a signature on a document online.

But there’s a problem: the process of downloading and installing this software file is slow and too complicated for many people.

The first step to start the process requires registration on the FNMT website, where the user receives a code that must be verified in person at a public administration registration point. This forces you to move, resulting in loss of time in reaching the destination. Moreover, it is not always so easy to carry out this procedure. Many residents of the rural population, usually older people, have to travel for kilometers to reach some of these places. The same happens with people who are hospitalized, sick or who live in other countries away from their homes.

You can obtain this document through the website ‘’ or through its ‘App’.
beaver tech

Now, the platform makes it easy for any user to access and download their digital certificate without leaving home, 100% online And in just half an hour. “Imprisonment showed that bureaucracy no longer had a place in our lives and that processes had to become 100% digital”, Recognizes co-founder of Beavor Tech, Francisco Moya.

New legislation regulating remote video identification methods helped this trust service provider develop its idea. “It was about serving, digitizing, streamlining and democratizing the process of obtaining digital certificates for Spain that had been vacated and the time constraints for Spain to complete these procedures”focuses attention.

fast and legal

The document issued has the same validity as the certificate issued by the FNMT to access any public administration or to digitally sign a PDF document. The main difference is that now Now there is no need to make an appointment or travel to get the procedure done.

According to Mariano De Mora, CEO of Bevor Tech, “It This is a product with all guarantees of validity, As we are a company recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as a qualified trustworthy electronic service provider. We’re easy, we’re fast and most of all, we’re safe.”

The steps are very simple. After registering in via web or app, The user needs to show their face to the webcam and then show the camera their ID or passport on either side. An authorized person is responsible for reviewing all of this information. Once the data is verified, it sends its certificate to the email of the citizen in a verified process by SMS message. Throughout the process, the customer has access to a support service, in which a specialist is in charge of resolving any questions from Monday to Sunday.

After downloading the digital certificate for only 14.95 Euro, User can access more than a thousand electronic offices and complete dozens of processes from a single platform In Spain and in the rest of the European Union: from registration, appointment with the tax agency, work life report, maternity and paternity benefits, European health card, payment of traffic fines, unemployment application and renewal of unemployment, certificate of marriage and birth certificate , revision of cadastral data …

The platform performs identity authentication by video recognition: all you need is to activate your device's camera and have a DNI or passport.
It is used to carry out dozens of procedures in Spain and the rest of the European Union.
beaver tech
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