Three big changes are coming in WhatsApp

The main instant messaging application, WhatsApp, is preparing news and three of them are very important to their millions of users around the world.

Although no exact date When these innovations are implemented, it is known that they are already being tested or are under development.

whatsapp community

One of the novelties is called ‘community’. They are basically large groups that contain WhatsApp group chats. In other words, each community is As a giant ‘group’ for WhatsApp groups current.

When this innovation is implemented, the user You can send messages to multiple groups at the same time, For example, you may have a work community within which there are many smaller groups.

Hide ‘online’ status

WhatsApp is currently testing a feature that allows hiding the ‘online’ status, Which will allow to use the application secretly. At this point in time it is impossible to hide the fact that you are online.

At most, all you can do is hide your status. ‘Last Connected’. An update is currently being tested on the beta version of the app.

save deleted texts

WhatsApp is also working on a way to allow uss Save messages that were about to disappear. The hack will work with WhatsApp’s automatic message deletion and allow users to exclude certain texts from disappearing, an important caveat from WhatsApp.

These saved missing messages will be stored in a special area within the app called ‘Saved Messages’. This feature is currently being developed for the beta test version of WhatsApp.

In that version, only group administrators can have or Keep messages within groups.

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