Through tears, dear VLA driver asks for his immediate departure from dawn: “I don’t want to continue anymore”

Once again morning showhappy come“After one of his most beloved and controversial allies was put on everyone’s lips burst into tears in front of television cameras To express his desire to leave the artists, because they have probably stopped enjoying the work that brought them so much pleasure.

In the full live broadcast, the entertainment expert couldn’t hide his disappointment while asking the microphone to make an important announcement, full blow For the vast majority of his colleagues and the thousands of spectators who watched the famous TV Azteca Morning Show.

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VLA driver asked for immediate departure

a few weeks ago,”happy come“He surprised the entire audience by confirming the launch of the second season of the reality show”I want to sing!”, starring various members of their cast and other guest stars, who tested their skills in front of a microphone.

Despite the great acceptance of the competition, Gabo CuevasOne of the most outstanding contestants, reportedly not having a good time due to the demand and low ratings received in her recent participation, asked for her permission to leave the contest.

in a recent broadcastI want to sing!“, the television presenter asked for a few minutes to express the sadness and anguish that her participation in the reality show has caused because she is not calm as she receives low ratings for her productions on the stage.

in front of the entire cast of “happy come“, the show reporter burst into tears saying “I want to sing!” This took away his peace of mind and caused a lot of despair. In this sense, he said that it is best to go out so that the public Don’t take a bad image of him.

“It’s a dream to be here. It’s not giving me peace of mind anymore. I’m so happy. I don’t want to continue in competition anymore because it’s frustrating me so much, I don’t want people to see me as a rude person.” Look in. Not adding anything positive.”, he expressed just before breaking down in tears.

Seeing his partner cry, “Venga la Alegria” hosts Flor Rubio and Laura G expressed their support for him and asked him to continue in the competition, as after a few weeks he was among the favorites to stay until the final stretch. is one of. Why the competition?

It will happen this Friday, October 27, when the future of Gabo Cuevas Inside the reality show “I Wanna Sing!” Since in addition to expressing a desire to leave, he was sentenced and tomorrow it can be defined whether he continues or leaves the contest.

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