Through tears, Flor Amargo denounced that she was the victim of a scam: “They just took 70 thousand pesos from me”.

Emma Mayte Carballo Hernandezbetter known as bitter flowerCondemned through his social networks that he was Victim of a scam in which 70 thousand pesos was robbed from his bank accounts, The purpose of which was to pay off debts and insurance, so the extroverted singer couldn’t help but cry as she described how the events happened to alert her followers to the modus operandi.

“They only cheated me, they only took 70 thousand pesos from me” The singer started her video and immediately She started crying because she said she was extremely disappointed with the situationWhich, though complicated, helped her to value other things in life.

,Do you know why I cry? I learned that the most valuable thing, when you lose money, you lose nothing, But when you lose a friend, when you lose yourself, you lose everything, when you lose faith and I tell everyone who is going through a hard time to believe Yes, right now I feel like this, it never happened to me, I had 0.20 cents left and I have a lot of debt, But how much does a finger cost? How much is it worth to be able to breathe? It’s priceless,” he said.

At another point in his video, Flor Amargo explained that in addition to valuing other aspects of life, This bitter experience served to alert his followers In addition, he recommended people’s safety not to be based on money, because he wanted to prevent them from falling into this trap.

“It’s good that they took me, they betrayed me, because now I can tell you one, take care of yourself, and two, it helped to value lifeCause look I’m still here and Right now I start playing in the street and I’m fine, but my safety should never be in money Because if it’s in money, imagine, if they take it away from you, your security is gone, how many people don’t commit suicide because of bankruptcy? Learn to live even when it is when it is not.Finished.

How did they cheat Flor Amargo?

After her complaint on the social network, bitter flower Gave an interview for an entertainment show called “Gossip No Like” and told that The alleged officials of his bank contacted him over the phone and warned him that his cell phone had been hacked and that his money was being stolen, so they suggested that he transfer his money to other accounts, To which the singer agreed, who said that she trusts the subjects because they correctly identified themselves and even had all their data.

Flor Amargo warns his fans not to fall into the same scandal. Photo: Special

At another point in his testimony, Flor Amargo pointed out that submitted a total of five and they gave him the details of the branches so that he could pick up his new plastic, However, shortly after he realized that he had become a victim of a scam, he went to the bank and filed a complaint, however, he got nothing because “they gave him a long time” and he left the matter for peace. Liked. And He just wants to alert his followers.

To end, Flor Amargo told that the people responsible for this crime may be the employees of the bank themselves. well do you think “Someone whistled” that he had money in his accountwhich was deposited hours earlier as part of payment for one of his concerts.

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