Through Tears, Jessica Segura Announces She Might Be A Mother, Despite The Fact That They Gave Her 0 Chances

  • The ‘Una Familia De Diaz’ ​​actress confessed her wish to become a mother in front of all the ‘NVinadas’ followers.
  • Jessica shares her traumatic experience with fertility treatments.

actress on October 5 Jessica Segura She confessed through her YouTube channel ‘Envinadas’ Her strong desire to become a mother, as she insisted that she was about to start the process of conceiving: “Tell all Mexicans. I am going to tell them that I am going to be a mother. Well I’m going to do some study, I’m going to start, I have to start my studies in a few days, that’s where I’ll tell you,” said Famous.

Such news surprised her best friends and colleagues, Daniela Lujan and Mariana Bottas, who undoubtedly showed great emotion, as she would be the first of the three to knock on Stork’s door.

However, in the channel’s most recent broadcast, in the chapter entitled “Self-Sabotage”, actress Daniela Lujan told an anecdote, which is considered an example of the theme of the moment, where she recounted an experience living next to Jessica. Cast light on. , where there was one occasion, of course, before undergoing a treatment, she was not allowed to drink and still did.

“You say you want to have a family and you want to be a mother and I understand that the process of healing and being tested and seeing how your body is doing scares the hell out of you, but a There was the occasion when you had your appointment planned long in advance and the day before drinking and you knew you didn’t have to,” Lujan noted.

After the confessions of ‘Gabriella’ in ‘Una Familia de Diez’, Jessica Segura faces a difficult situation to be able to become a mother because, based on the various tests done, the doctors did not respond favorably to the chance of having a baby. .

“I went to do some tests (…), already in October I’m looking for a child for three years old, so it’s already a long time, it’s not something normal anymore. At first They said to me ‘Well, we have to let go a year, because you used contraception’ and well, today isn’t normal anymore, so I went to the doctor and they told me ‘we need to do some tests, Let’s see what is happening, count and find out if everything is fine,” said the driver.

After various tests, the actress explained that a particular procedure was very painful and complicated, as she explained that the study, which is used to verify whether the tubes are suitable for getting pregnant, turned out to be negative. However, Famous and his current partner, Adrian Posse, didn’t lose hope and asked for a second opinion, which brought him great news.

jessica segura pregnancy

It was thus that Jessica Segura once again surprised her peers, and announced that the second doctor returned their confusion, as he confirmed that the previous procedure would have worked and that her chances of becoming a mother were higher. rises over, “We went to a (doctor) and I have good news for you, they just re-studied and it was a problem, but eventually we were able to do it and it turned out that great With the pain that I felt, maybe my tights swelled up again, so everything is in order, ”he concluded.

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