Ticketmaster cancels public sale of Taylor Swift tour tickets

after days of complaints Complications and system glitches As pre-sales for Taylor Swift’s Erasure tour swelled, Ticketmaster announced Thursday that the public sale of tickets has been cancelled. They were set to go on sale on Friday.

“Due to exceptionally high demand on the ticketing system and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand, tomorrow’s public sale for Taylor Swift has been cancelled,” the company tweeted.

The company provided no further details about the problems they reported, and did not indicate whether more tickets would ever be sold.

Fans were left disappointed Tuesday when some people who acquired verified fan presale codes were stuck in Ticketmaster’s virtual waiting room or experienced other technical difficulties. The demand for the tour was so high that other stages pre sale rescheduled for that evening or the next day.

Shortly before announcing the cancellation of general sales on Thursday, Ticketmaster shared a statement explaining what went wrong, blaming unprecedented demand and people visiting the site without verified fan access codes.

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