TikTok now goes for YouTube: App tests landscape mode with full screen

Videos on social networks have gotten users used to viewing them more and more vertically and not horizontally. Now, TikTok wants to change this new norm and is testing a new display mode in its interface. Will allow you to watch videos in landscape and full screenLike on YouTube.

Some users have already enjoyed this novelty and ByteDance’s Not a First Feature (parent company of the app) Copied from other platforms in the last few months, One of the most popular features is TikTok Now, which is a carbon copy of the bireal application or Stories, similar to Instagram’s 24-hour posts, which in turn mimicked Snapchat.

The Asian social network was originally featured by allowing users to upload only 15-second videos in a vertical format. Later, they allowed videos between 1 and 3 minutes in length and Many users can now enjoy up to 10 minutes of content. This, added to the possibility of viewing publications horizontally, is increasingly reminiscent of YouTube.

YouTube has been able to surpass TikTok thanks to the shorts or short videos present on the platform.

Until now, YouTube’s biggest competitor was Twitch, a streaming platform that allowed content creators to broadcast live. However, TikTok seems to want its similar move and Be paragon for both the applications.

As the company said in early March, TikTok is expanding the maximum duration of videos it allows users to A chance to “expand your creative possibilities even further”.

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