TikTok will force you to be of legal age to direct and allow you to limit the audience to adults only

TikTok Live brings users together through live content to build relationships with the community, so the app has released updates that improve privacy policies.

Through the ‘Multi-guest’ function, interested parties can direct with up to five guests Using a grid or dashboard layout, engage viewers while answering questions, presenting videos, or simply sharing a moment with the community.

This innovation also includes the ability to rotate the camera, add effectFilter comments and add moderator If they haven’t been assigned yet.

To ensure user safety, TikTok noted on their blog that they are “continuously working to develop security measures” and are “making additional changes and improvements to help deliver the best possible experience to the community.” Huh.”

But what is the big change?

in present, Users must be 16 or older to stream, but starting November 23, the minimum age will increase to 18.

The social network tells the blog that “in the coming weeks, we plan to introduce a new way for creators to choose whether or not they like Reach an adult-only audience on your Live, For example, a comedy routine may be more appropriate for people over the age of 18. Or, a host may plan to talk about a difficult life experience and feel more comfortable knowing that the conversation is limited to adults.”

To help creators, TikTok allows Use keyword filtering tools In an effort to limit inappropriate comments, we’re also rolling out an updated version of this feature that will send people a reminder and suggest new keywords they might want to add to their filter list.

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