To the point of getting everything from the only woman who managed to drive Andres Garcia crazy

andres garcia

That there have been many women in Andres García’s life, there is no denying it, and that the 81-year-old actor’s fame as a champ is such that it is said that he cannot be counted, but if his women are countless. If his love we will have more luck.

And that he only has 4 wives and a great love; It is about model Carmen Campuzano, who fell madly in love with the actor; And that her, because they lived a fiery romance, one that was full of passion and infidelity.

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Remembering Irma, the actor said, “Carmen was a great love indeed. It was a very intense love, very passionate, very interesting, it was one of the great loves of my life.” Despite the love, they could not continue together, as they are convinced that Andrés was too feminist and it destroyed Carmen, so they part ways. But these two had so much love for each other that even after they ended their relationship, Andres was still taking care of her.

Andres went to rescue her from a rehabilitation center

And it is that the model must have fallen into the blemishes for which she was hospitalized, but she claimed that she lived in hell because she suffered from abuse and abuse, it must have reached the ears of Andres who was a Cowboys enter the film until Disha beat up Kendra and the director to such an extent that he faints, all to save him.

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