Tony Khan reveals the conditions imposed by AEW after the release of William Regal

One of the most talked about topics in recent times has, without a doubt, been the departure of William Regal from AEW. his departure is confirmed today Tony KhanWho reported that the British veteran had requested his release in order to return to WWE, where his son (Charlie Dempsey) currently plays.

Rumors began when Regal appeared in one of the promotional videos for Survivor Series: WarGames, as the Briton was one of the promoters of this type of fight during his stay in NXT, where he served as the brand’s general manager. did. Something that could only remain a tribute eventually became a foreshadowing of what was to come.

Even then, Regal’s “Appearance” At WWE PLE Surprised Toni Khan, as he himself confirmed at the press conference given to the media ahead of ROH Final Battle 2022. Below we leave you with their statements in this regard, transcript courtesy of Fightful:

On AEW’s terms after William Regal returns to WWE

“Under the deal, I think after this year, (Regal) can come back and train (in WWE), but I think he won’t be on screen next year. I wouldn’t expect to see it on TV next year.,

honestly, given the nature of the situation and how friendly we were, I was really surprised by the tweet of the video in which he appeared, especially since he was still with us and a part of the show, We still talk about him on the show, like last week on the show. First, it remains an important part of our program.

I was a little surprised by the video on Triple H’s Twitter account, and considering how complacent we were with the whole thing, I didn’t expect to see something like this, but whatever. The important thing is that this is a situation that will be resolved and he will be able to be there and train and work with his son. And everything that is important to him too. (Regal) acknowledged and agreed that this is a release that does not allow him to appear on television for the next year.”

Absence of FTR

However, the press conference gave many topics for discussion, most of them focused on ROH and next Saturday’s PPV. Khan answered several questions from the journalists present. One of them wondered why FTR, the brand’s current tag team champions, was hardly used, to which Tony replied that it was unfortunate, because Several plans and matches were canceled due to injuries to others, citing CM Punk’s leg injury in particular.,

On the creative teams of AEW and ROH

Khan said that at present The creative teams of AEW and ROH are independent of each other, although they usually collaborate on a recurring basis., Tony confirms that he leads both teams and, despite these collaborations, Some creatives only work for one brand,

On the AEW Stampede show and ROH’s televised performance

Tony Khan intends to put up nice billboards for the AEW Rampage show. In addition, he admitted to trying Limit ROH appearances on AEW television programming after hearing recent criticism on the topic,

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