TrackAI, the AI ​​for early detection that identifies visual problems in children

Currently, more than 800 million children worldwide have vision problems, and unfortunately, one in three are not detected early. To counter this shortcoming, Huawei’s TrackAI project and start up dive therapy Perform vision exams for early detection of visual anomaliesThat way, professionals intervene in time.

Collaboration between the two parties began in 2019, achieving the first milestone in the same year for a multi-centre study that examined children of different ages, ethnicities and visual impairments in hospitals in different countries.

Under the project, cooperated with Huawei start up dive medical para Create a device that revolutionized ophthalmology, We’re talking about Dive, a device that displays multiple stimuli on a high-resolution screen and captures the patient’s gaze via an eye tracker. DIVE develops its own artificial intelligence (AI) models, building on Huawei’s ‘HiAI’ platform Automatically analyze data collected from patient’s gazeThus, a possible vision problem is anticipated.

The device uses a Huawei MateBook tablet to display the stimuli and a smart fone The view from Huawei that controls scan execution, analyzes the quality of collected data, and displays scan results in real time. Thanks for the information received, the doctor determines whether the child needs to be referred to a specialist,

As Marta Ortin (CTO of Dive Medical) points out, Huawei’s work and start up Dive allows incredible advances in medical ” Development and application of our visual screening technology, This shows that big tech companies and researchers need to work together to solve the challenges we face today. With Huawei’s support, we have been able to reach thousands of children, and we are excited to continue this journey towards eradicating all preventable visual impairments.”

What is dive?

As mentioned above, DIVE (in Spanish for its abbreviation Device for a Comprehensive Visual Examination) is a device that displays stimuli on a high-resolution screen and captures the patient’s gaze using an eye tracker,

Its technology has been introduced in programs in public and private sector centers for customizing purposes. Dive exams are based on eye tracking technology that shows the user a series of stimuli, Tracks eye movements and obtains highly accurate measurements of visual function,

Artificial intelligence is constantly adapting to improve its databases, so machine learning will be more accurate when taking into account different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

check dive
check dive
dive therapy

Artificial Intelligence is based on deep learning methods to advance the field of medicine.

TrackAI Project Success

Between 2019 and 2021, 4,500 eye tests were carried out in different countries, but only in Spain, at the Miguel Servet University Hospital Zaragoza Completed over 1,800 milestones With TrackAI project since September 2020.

Dr. Victoria Puyo (pediatric ophthalmologist and chief scientist at Dive Medical) noted that “by expanding the TrackAI project to test a larger population of children, we have been able to confirm its great potential, In recent years we have learned about the visual development of very young children, and children with neurological disorders, which A major challenge for research and clinical practice,

When solving the problems of ophthalmology diagnosis in minors, TrackAI had enough impact on the lives of many, For example, in Madrid, farsightedness was detected in a four-year-old boy with no known visual problems, while in Mexico, a three-year-old patient presented a high risk of strabismus during an examination.

Basically, from the beginning, Huawei and start up Dive Medical wanted to find out with a simple, few-minute test Patients who need to be referred to a specialist,

Analyzing the origin of cancer can help with diagnosis and treatment options.

future plans

During this 2022, the TrackAI project is set to help over 2,000 children from Europe, Africa and Latin America. DIVE, on the other hand, will use an upgraded version of its screening software, even The inclusion of the Huawei P50 mobile and Huawei Matebook E tablet To improve its quality and accuracy.

After validating the early stages of DIVE, the TrackAI project The hospital will expand its reach outside the centers, The third phase of this program in our country will involve the cooperation of schools, universities, nurseries and ophthalmology centers; Furthermore, it will be guaranteed that all children are referred to a specialist. provide a diagnosis and initiate appropriate treatment,

TrackAI on a mobile
TrackAI on a mobile

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