trick to put invisible name on whatsapp

When we create a WhatsApp account, one has to add a username to do so. It can be a symbol or a letter, our real name, a nickname or even an emoji, but It cannot be left blank.

Although the instant messaging platform does not allow this, There’s a trick you can leave your name blank And cheat whatsapp. To do this, you don’t need to download any third-party app and the steps are very simple to follow.

  • open a browser From your mobile (be it Chrome, Safari, Opera or whatever you use).
  • Search ‘U+2800’ And click on the first result which will correspond to an entry on the Compart website.
  • There you will see a white box which you have to copy. To do this, long press on it and click on the option ‘copy’.
  • Access WhatsApp application.
  • head for ‘Adjustment’.
  • Click on your profile pictureFrom where you can change your profile name.
  • remove the name you had and paste blank of Unicode.
  • del a ‘save’.

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