Trick to watch over 7,000 television channels from around the world for free on any device

An IPTV (Internet Protocol Television, for its short form) is Re-broadcasting of television channels on the Internet In addition to what network operators use in their on-demand television packages, the grid can be configured to suit the user from any device.

This technology accesses broadcast lists via remote IP addresses. Plain text files with .m3u extensionHowever, only VLC media player, Kodi or WisePlay video player is required to open such content.

Generally, an IPTV is not preferred because Paid content is used Free, however, free channels are also offered and have no distribution in some countries.

For example, GitHub has an open catalog with 7,258 free channels In different languages ​​which provides categories based on content or country.

Installation of these channels is not complicated and can be viewed from any device, entertainment centers and applications; However, with 20Bits we leave the steps for you to follow.

so you can watch the channel

The first stage includes Get the list of 7,258 channels through the following linkAfterwards, the download of the .m3u file will begin and a video player that supports IPTV content will be required to watch series or movies.

If you use a computer you have to,

  • Open VLC Media Player.
  • Click ‘Media’ on the top menu, click ‘Open File’ and select the list you’ve already downloaded.
  • To access the full list you need to select ‘View’ in the top menu → ‘Playlists’ → and choose any channel.

If the file cannot be downloaded, the user has to access the list from VLC media player. To do so, go back to the ‘Media’ menu, select the ‘Open network location’ option and paste the URL address mentioned above.

There are users who use VPN to subscribe to streaming services with cheap rates.

In case of doing this from mobile:

  • The mobile version of VLC media player does not have the option to load the IPTV list with the mentioned web address, so it is impossible to download the .m3u file.
  • In the ‘VLC Media Player’ application, you need to select ‘Explore’ and click on the downloaded file to upload it to the platform.
  • If you’ve downloaded the list and the channels don’t play, you’ll need an application that allows access to IPTV lists and is similar to VLC Media Player. In the App Store you can find many options, both free and paid, to play channels from the phone.

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