Trump’s testimony in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday answered questions under oath by E. In a lawsuit filed by Jean Carroll, a writer who accused Trump of defamation that she was “utterly lying”. about the allegation of sexual harassment,

Carroll’s lawyers confirmed that Trump participated in the statement.

A spokesperson for Kaplan Hecker & Fink, the law firm representing Carroll, said: “We are pleased that on behalf of our client, E. Jean Carroll, we are able to take Donald Trump’s statement today. We are not able to comment further. ” told CBS News.

Trump sought to delay the statement in September after a federal appeals court left open the possibility that the Justice Department might be able to protect Trump from trial. But a federal judge in New York refused to delay the case, ordering Trump to sit Wednesday for the high-stakes October 12 deposit,

Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba said Trump was “delighted to set the record straight today.”

“This case is nothing more than a political ploy like many others on the long list of victims against Donald Trump,” Habba said.

Trump was questioned by Carroll’s lawyers, who have indicated in court filings that the statement could be used in another civil suit, saying that Carroll intends to file a sexual assault claim against Trump in November. Is.

will be able to carol prosecute 24, when a new state law called the Adult Survivors Act creates a one-year window to allow sexual assault claims that would otherwise be barred by New York’s statute of limitations.

Longtime Elle advice columnist Carroll filed a federal defamation lawsuit in 2019 after Trump accused her of lying when he said he sexually assaulted her in a New York City department store in the 1990s.

Trump has repeatedly denied Carroll’s allegations.

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