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Small pets can be perfectly good air travel companions, provided their owners follow the rules. For example, most airlines require animals to remain in carriers for the duration of their flights—and none allow them to fly as carry-on cargo.

So, when a Transportation Security Administration officer recently spotted a cat inside a passenger’s luggage through the security scanner at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, the agent was “surprised,” the TSA said Tuesday.

Lisa Farbstein, a public affairs officer for the TSA, described the agent’s unusual discovery in a posted anecdote. Twitter, It had a picture of a dark colored suitcase which was not completely closed. Peeking out of the opening were orange hairs that, Farbstein explained, belonged to the pets that were eventually discovered inside.

A TSA spokeswoman said a cat was detected inside someone’s checked bag through the security scanner at John F Kennedy International Airport.

@TSA_Northeast / Twitter

“A @TSA officer was shocked to see an orange cat inside a checked bag at @JFKairport after going through the X-ray unit,” Farbstein wrote, adding the passenger said the cat was “somebody else in her house.” Was.”

Farbstein’s tweet ended with a sentence to confirm the cat was safe and at home.

“On the bright side, the cat is out of the bag and back home safely,” it said.

Later, the official TSA Twitter account posted two additional photos from the unexpected animal encounter. One shows a JFK airport agent pulling open a suitcase and seeing a furry creature trapped on one edge. The second still was taken from an X-ray machine, where a bright red silhouette of a cat is clearly visible inside the luggage.

“This catch had our baggage screening officer at @JFKairport saying, ‘Come on, meow!'” Account Tweeted,

TSA officials recently reported that a cat isn’t the most outrageous finding ever seen on the X-ray machines. Earlier this month, an officer stationed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport flagged down a carry-on bag at a security station and upon further inspection, Gun hidden inside raw chicken found Packed in luggage.

other find odd TSA officers across the country include a chainsaw seized in New Orleans, a “meth burrito” seized in Houston, and a deodorant container filled with pills seized in New Jersey.

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