Tunde Mauricio Castillo in the network after criticizing concerts by Grupo Firme and Los Tigres del Norte in the Zocalo

actor Maurice Castillo was the target of criticism social networkAfter judging the concerts of northern tiger You firm group in the Zocalo Mexico City, In addition, to inquire from the Secretary of the Government of Mexico City, marty buttressAfter her picture with the fashion guru, Eddy resin,

through TwitterCastillo assured that if he was given the budget to rent either Los Tigres del Norte or Grupo Firme “I swear I’ll fill the zocalo any Sunday.”

“Give me the budget to rent to Los Tigres del Norte or Grupo Firme and I swear I’ll fill the zocalo any Sunday. The difference would be that I would never ask them to vote. Never, And I’ve always said this, the last thing I want to be is to be a politician,” the tweet reads.

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Similarly, he questioned the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia SheinbaumAbout subway line 12, “By the way, we all pay for concerts, at least those of us who live in this city. What isn’t valid is trying to gain popularity/vote with these things. @Claudiashein It’s not valid . We don’t want you to rule like this. Don’t forget L12”, he insisted.

“It totally conveys the seriousness of your work,” he tells Battress by Photo with Eddie Smalls

For his part, the artist also criticized the Mexico City government secretary, Marty Battress, after circulating a photo with Eddie Smalls.

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He wrote, “This picture totally reflects the seriousness of your work @martibatres. Congratulations.”

Faced with this fact, users of social networks criticized the actor, even mentioning his former partner from the program “Another Role”. learn ramones,




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