Twitch cuts the tap for the most popular streamers and will reduce their income by 70 to 50 percent

Twitch has shifted its economic delivery strategy to its main . changed with streamer, From next year, creators who have 70% of the deal and the remaining 30% for service will move to a plan that takes a cut of revenue once they exceed a certain amount.

The Verge notes that streamer Affected 70/30 will keep distributions until they reach $100,000 (approximately 101,000 euros), but in the event that they exceed the said amount, Revenue split 50/50. Will happen,

this change Will come into effect from 1st June, 2023In addition, the amendment of the income distribution will become effective when the contract between Twitch and A ray of light,

Samantha Phot (Twitch Communications Director) tells The Verge that “The $100,000 limit will be calculated over a twelve-month period From the annual renewal date of the carrier’s agreement.

stipulating that the contract “shall be reinstated on the first day of the subsequent twelve-month period and every twelve-month period thereafter.”

The platform will also allow streamers to select trusted users.

It is important to mention that $100,000 cap This is an annual renewal. On the other hand, the application assumes that loss streamer they won’t lose money With the above amendment in respect of income distribution.

Twitch made this decision after considering that the fixed incentives to show ads directly were too complicated.

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