Twitch Introduces Guest Star, a guest system for connecting up to 5 people directly

The ‘Guest Star’ feature is now available on Twitch. With it, streamers will be able to share their broadcasts with up to five guests Which can be your own audience or other content creators.

The platform has explained in detail that the new tool can be used by all users. They just have to activate it to use it request mode of the audience and this allows them to be invited to a live show.

According to Twitch, hosts will be able to meet Membership & Tracking Age For each user they invite to your stream and their last chat, That way, they’ll be able to check whether the audience they’re inviting is actually a fan.

For their part, the audience will have ‘Raise your hand’ option Virtually for streamers to choose from for those who wish to participate in the direct. When they become part of the broadcast, guests will have access to a virtual space where they can interact with the host.

The function will allow users to earn money on their Telegram channels.

To enjoy this functionality, hosts must have the program Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). In addition, they will need to use the Google Chrome browser by phone, a computer or laptop, and a verified Twitch account.

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