Twitch sparks controversy by ending support for Safari, the third most used browser in the world

According to StatCounter, Safari browser is the third most used browser in the world with 8.83% share. For this reason, when Twitch announced yesterday that only browsers compatible with its platform were going to be Chrome, Firefox and EdgeNot including Apple, and many users complained about the decision.

Announcement came after Wednesday afternoon some streamer There were problems when starting the transmission. Although they were fixed, Twitch commented that netizens should use a compatible browser (already mentioned) to avoid the bug.

This meant that Safari (and others such as Brave or Opera) were not on the list of supported browsers for the platform. streaming, However, Twitch CPO Tom Verilli clarified that limit is temporary To combat botnet networks.

Despite Twitch’s announcement, it appears that some users may still be able to log in from unsupported browsers. In the event that you experience a problem, you already know what could be causing it and how to solve it in a jiffy. users with errors They are mainly buying blocks.

Facebook benefited from the information collected.

It is not yet known when the use of Twitch will be able to return to normalcy from other browsers without fail. However, that is expected to happen soon.

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