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Twitter on Friday brought back its gray “official” label to verify some accounts, just days after CEO Elon Musk sacked it. twitter support said They have re-added the feature to “combat impersonation”.

Since the revamped Twitter Blue went live on Wednesday, users are now able to get blue ticks, as long as they subscribe and pay $8 per month. On the same day of the rollout, the social media company added an official gray marker that would separate verified accounts. However, several hours into the plan, Twitter removed the gray marker and said it would be Instead “aggressively impersonating and going after deception”.

Twitter 'official' mark
Here is the platform’s account labeled gray “official”.

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Since then, Twitter has become a Verified accounts cesspool Pretending to be celebrities like Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, politicians like former President George W. Bush, and even big companies including drugmaker Eli Lilly, users test or exploit Twitter’s new system.

On Friday, Twitter reversed its tune and returned the gray marker to some accounts.

Despite the update, many people on Twitter still raised concerns Regarding the authenticity of the accounts.

musk said no handle before engage in impersonation Without explicitly specifying that they eat a parody, they will be suspended permanently. He clarified on Thursday That those accounts must also include “parody” in their names.

While parody accounts and impersonations have always existed on the platform, experts and users have warned that putting a price on verified badges can lead to confusion, misinformation and scams.

Meanwhile, less than a month since taking overMusk warned Twitter employees that it could go bankrupt if the company fails to increase subscription revenue.

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