Twitter introduces Community Notes feature to combat misinformation

Twitter announced the feature community notes (Community Notes, in Spanish) so that Internet users can fight against misinformation,

Social network aims to keep users well informed collaborative approachFurthermore, they can add context to misleading tweets from different viewpoints that would find the said message useful.

The app notes that it the system is open source and “being inspired by people to add useful and informative context to Tweets.”

Users must be registered to participate in this campaign against misinformation, and once the registration is formalized, The social network invites you to give your opinion,

In the tweet below you can see the feature and a message from Twitter that “people everywhere can now view and rate Notes, helping to ensure they are useful to a wider range of people.” .

Twitter has registered with the US Financial Crimes Control Network.

Notes or links to other publications added by readers are also reflected, and at the bottom right, Twitter includes a button to rate news with three answer choices.

Once the desired option is selected, application will display a menu with questions ‘What was useful to you?’ –such as ‘cite quality sources,’ ‘neutral or unbiased language,’ or ‘give important references’– and ‘why was this not helpful? – such as ‘opinion or speculation’, ‘missing key points or irrelevant’, and ‘argument or biased language’.

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