Twitter working on reintroducing short video app Vine to compete with TikTok

Twitter plans to reintroduce short-form video app Vine to the platformA feature that the social network will roll out later this year, as Axios has learned.

Launched in 2013, Application was born as bell A social network that allowed the sharing of audio-visual content in a six-second loopA limit that was raised years later to 140 seconds.

Vine, which allowed short videos to be shared on other social networks such as Facebook, It was acquired by Twitter in 2012, the same year of its creation.But its closure was announced in October 2016, with effect from January 2017.

Goodbye image that appeared while accessing the Vine website.

Elon Musk tried to negotiate a downgrade on the deal before agreeing to pay $44 billion.

with billionaire Elon Musk As the new owner of Twitter, The social network plans to reintroduce this format to the platform, a service that is already under review and development. would be assigned to a group of engineers,

Sources consulted by the international media have acknowledged that Re-introduction of this feature in social networks “needs a lot of work” and they remember that he would also have been the founder of Tesla Who may have proposed his recovery after starting a survey on Twitter.

Donald Trump has been an active Twitter user during his tenure.

The poll’s answer was a popular . given by ‘youtube’ Named Mrbeast which suggested that The introduction of this feature can be a direct competition with Tiktok., The last platform, owned by ByteDance, features a vertical format of videos ranging between 15 and 60 seconds.

It should be remembered that this will not be the only novelty that Twitter will release With Musk joining the board of directors, as he plans to charge users interested in acquiring and maintaining the blue badge of verified accounts.

Musk himself suggested last night Twitter what Prepare a monthly fee of eight euros for having a verified accountWhich is one of the blue badges that allows us to distinguish authentic profiles that are believed to be of public interest.

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