Two suspects reportedly planned to attack New York City synagogues

2 Suspects Who Reportedly Planned Attack on NYC Synagogue


two suspects who Allegedly planned to attack New York City synagogue Has been charged, CBS New York’s Lisa Rosner reports,

Police say Christopher Brown, 21, of Long Island, was arrested Friday night in Penn Station after he was found with an 8-inch knife and a high-capacity magazine.

Arrested along with him was Matthew Maher, 22, of Manhattan, whose family is reportedly Jewish, including his grandfather, who is a Holocaust survivor.

The criminal complaints against both men cite Twitter messages early last week warning, “Big steps are being taken Friday,” and then Thursday: “I will ask a priest whether I should be a husband or a The synagogue should be shot dead.”

Brown’s family told CBS New York exclusively that he is schizophrenic.

Brown’s sister said, “He’s not a bad person. He’s very sick, you know, and he needs help.”

Police say Brown told them, “Matt’s one of my followers. I have Nazi paraphernalia in my house. I think it’s really cool. I also operate a white supremacist Twitter group.”

Mahrer, who faces charges of criminal possession of a weapon, reportedly has bipolar disorder.

The lawyers of both the accused say that they have no criminal record.

New York City synagogues such as Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan reminded congregants by e-mail that “security has been and will remain vigilant to keep us physically safe. … Our emotional security is being addressed every incident of anti-Semitism.” Will depend on our commitment to do. The spirit we face.”

Rabbi Joshua Stanton of the East End Temple agrees.

“Unfortunately, every time there is an attack or threat, we revisit the issue of security,” Stanton told Rosner. “It feels like a moment in our country’s history when we can no longer have spectacles. This is a moment to be an upstander.”

For the thwarted attack, the Manhattan District Attorney specified what was targeted.

Prosecutors asked that both suspects be being held without bail and would appear in court on Wednesday.

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