Underwater Mega-Construction: These Are the Biggest and Most State-of-the-Art Titans in the Sea

The ocean is infinite and therefore, some projects are not being developed to study it and live it.

the best example is Earth 300, a global environmental and scientific project embodied in the superyacht of the future whose main objective is to combat Climate change Combination of science, technology, adventure and education.

A ship of the future for the benefit of the environment

Last year, Earth 300 announced a next-generation technology platform to revolutionize ocean and planetary science using robotics, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. His discovery, nothing short of ambitious: Navigate the planet on a mission to help end the climate crisis,

More than a ship, Earth 300 is an idea aimed at wake up societyAn idea whose time has come.

The Prithvi 300 boat has been developed, its founder Aaron Oliveira announced, “To become a universal symbol of sustainability”, and includes a futuristic design, technology Emission-free and state-of-the-art research facilities, including 22 laboratories located in a 13-story glass “scientific area”.

,It is 300 meters long, 46 meters wide and 60 meters high, and can accommodate a community of 425 people.That includes scientists, captains of industry, global humanitarians, environmental activists, students and crew members,” he says.

The Gibraltarian businessman is the visible head of this massive project and acknowledges that Earth 300’s intention is clear and clear: “Instead of looking up at the sky, we intend to focus on our planet, We only have one home, we believe that it is imperative to ensure that our planet’s environmental problems are addressed so that we can leave one home. Tierra Safe for future generations.

Oliveira wants to make this superyacht an example to others: “Create an era of ecological awakening by focusing on Inspire planetary protection,

'Earth 300' yacht will look like this on the sea.
Earth 300 boasts of futuristic design, emission-free technology and state-of-the-art research facilities.
earth 300

Proteus, the ‘International Ocean Space Station’, designed by Jacques Cousteau’s grandson

if we talk underwater tourism, there are international projects that are going to mark an era. And another example of this is Fabian Cousteau’s International Ocean Station.

The latest adventure of ocean explorer, environmental defender and grandson of documentary filmmaker, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, is called Proteus, an underwater station, at depths four times larger than any previous habitat, It will have a laboratory, housing and a pioneer underwater greenhouse. The first station, as part of a housing network, will be located near the coast of Curaçao.

Beneath the Proteus marine complex, observatory and global collaboration platform will be a state-of-the-art modular life that will enable both the public and private sectors, including aquanauts, scientists. Astronautfilmmakers, visitors, artists, teachers, students to research, Develop new applications, create innovative technologies and share your stories with the world,

This submarine station will promote solutions and innovation through ocean exploration time acceleration, advancing scientific discovery, and facilitating human-ocean relationships by involving global communities. It will be located in Curaçao “because its location is ideal for diving because of the coral reef system, and because there is a great opportunity for research, science, business and innovation,” Cousteau says.

Proteus would be attached to sea level by feet adapted to the terrain.

Back in 2014, Fabian and his team of aquanauts launched Mission 31. started theThe longest scientific expedition took place in Aquarius, the world’s only underwater marine laboratory located in Florida. Fabian’s Mission 31 broke new ground in ocean exploration and honored the 50th anniversary of his grandfather’s original life-underwater experiment (CONSHELF TO) by going deeper, longer and further, while educating and exposing the world to multiple channels. The mission was broadcast live. The thrill and mystery of our blue planet.

After spending those 31 days underwater, the longest continuous journey under the sea, Cousteau came up with the idea to create this giant that is Proteus., He was looking for a solution to a problem: “When we returned to the surface I felt like I was in constant activity to evacuate myself. Like an astronaut in space… but in the ocean. And I found the solution.” saw.

The protein has a spiral shape to “stimulate physical activity and movement of residents”.

A deep-sea submarine to study volcanoes

Pisces VI is another sign that the underwater age is changing by leaps and bounds, The only deep-sea submarine in the world studying Cumbre Vieja Volcano And in its waters the tourist dives.

This submarine located in canary islands, founded by Scott Waters. And the eruption of the volcano has allowed Pisces VI to play a major role that has never been seen before. Because of its design, it is able to analyze the generated hydrothermal activity and the resulting marine life after the eruption., This submarine has state-of-the-art samplers, thermometers and analyzers to help you with your research.

It is important to know that There are only 6 deep sea submarines in the world., Pisces VI is capable of carrying 4 crew members for a period of about 8 hours to a depth of 2,200 meters.

Waters claims that “We’re Starting to Offer Immersion Tours”, And the next step for tourists will be Tenerife: “Home of a great volcano and the highest mountain.”

He is very excited about this new move: “It’s a very exciting campaign that we’ve really focused on tourism, It is scheduled for the end of August and the beginning of September 2023. We’re starting to accept travelers for our submarine,

Image of the submarine Pisces VI in the deep sea.
Image of the submarine Pisces VI in the deep sea.
Pisces VI

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