Unpublished photo of Flor Sylvester dancing with a comedian from the Golden Age conquers the network

floor sylvestre One of the great icons of the national entertainment industry, as apart from being a singer, she also participated in calls The Golden Age of Mexican Cinemamanaging to work with the great stars of the time, one of them The comedian with whom she was even caught dancing at a party, The image that is currently conquering the network, as it is repeated in separate accounts who are devoted Remember the first actors and actresses which came to the fore in those years.

Guillermina Jiménez ChabollaThe real name of the actress and singer, was born in August 16, 1930 in Salamanca, Guanajuato, She was always interested in the artistic medium, especially music, which she started when she was a teenager, however, her talent went further and further. 1950 debuted in film “First I’m Mexican”with actors Luis Aguilar and Francisco Avitia. Subsequently, it was consolidated on the big screen for what it achieved Record over 70 movies and hundreds of songs in his long career.

Flor Silvestre formed a dynasty with Antonio Aguilar Photo: Exclusive

The artist together with her husband formed one of the great dynasties of the Mexican region Antonio Aguilar, andBecause she is the mother of Dalia Ines, Marcella Rubials, Antonio Jr. and Pepe Aguilar, and Mazo’s grandmother, Leonardo and Angela Aguilari, the latter, which, according to fans, inherited her beauty, talent and stage presence. Likewise, she was the sister of La Prieta Linda and Mary Jiménez, who also followed in her footsteps in the industry.

Photo of Flor Silvestre dancing with the Ciné de Oros comedian

Because he is one of the most popular stars of the time, there are many social media accounts that raise certain aspects of his life or memorable moments, For example when she danced with popular comedy of the so called golden cinema, we’re talking German Valdes “Tin Tan”, c.where what worked in some movies And apparently they formed a friendly bond, as it can be seen in the image that they are having fun,

You can find this image on various Instagram and Facebook platforms “Tin Tan” and wild flowers, However, it was the Cine y Mas account that revealed that the moment had been captured during a party of the National Association of Mexican Actors (you) in December 1955, at which time he was not yet in a relationship with Anthony Aguilar, who was her third and last husband, while the protagonist of “King of the Neighborhood” he was separated from his wife micaela vargas to marry later Rosalia Julian,

Flor Silvestre and Tin Tan Dancing Photo: Screenshot

According to the technical sheet, the so-called “Gold Pacchuko” and interpreter of “red Sky” He shared credits in two films: “Steps into youth..!”, In 1958, where the artist had only a small role, while the following year, Flor Silvestre starred in the film “summer school“, with the eldest valdés dynastywho shared the credit with his brother Ramon Valdes, who later became famous for his character as “Don Ramon” in the series “8’s Chavo”.

Who was “Tin Tan”?

german valdes Beginning his artistic career in the so-called Tent, however, he made the leap to the big screen and consolidated himself with films such as “King of the Neighborhood”, “Troublemaker” and “Tender Zucchini”To mention a few, including, with his vocabulary, which combined Spanish with English, he managed to place himself in the taste of the people, for which he established himself as abest comedianNear Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”Which is said to have had a rivalry.

In addition, he started one of the most important dynasties of artists of the time, as well as his brothers, Ramón, known as Don Ramón in “El Chavo del 8”, Manuel “El Loco” and Antonio “El”. Known for his character in Ratton” Valdés, he worked in the midst of building his career. Despite the success and fortune he gathered for years working in the industry, “Tin Tan” died on June 29, 1973, without any complications due to pancreatic cancer. The frills died.

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