Untouchable cancels concert in Monterrey one hour before start

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon ,

Untouchable i stopped my presentation tonight la arena monterrey because of the singer Ricky Munoz He felt a sore throat, so he left the stage an hour after the start of the concert.

“Are they spending it with mom? Because I don’t,” he commented on later reports that he had a sore throat.

,Despite the notice, he continued singing “Por Ella” and later stated that he could not continue any longer and left the stage.

After a few moments, His staff and group members came out to show their faces To inform that the dates will be rescheduled for the month of January.

Attendees left the entertainment center following the announcement that their tickets would remain valid for a new concert, although some expressed their displeasure.

“I can’t sing”, Ricky apologizes on video

through social networks, Ricky Munoz, group singer, apologized to his audience And assured that they will switch productions in January 2023.

“The truth is I feel awful, physically awful, all I can do is sing, I’m sorry. I didn’t want it to end like this, but I feel helpless.” And I cannot pretend that all is well when it is not,” he said in a video posted on the official Untouchable account.

“Don’t throw away your ticket and join us in January, we will be here again, you are the best, our best audience,” he said.

When will there be new presentations?

Untouchable Two shows were scheduled in the city, the first for Friday December 2 and another Saturday December 3But they have now been rescheduled due to discomfort in the singer’s throat Friday 13 and Saturday 14 January,

If you already had your tickets for any of these dates, don’t throw them away, as they will be valid for these new dates.

Which one?




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