Technology, one of the most used download websites in the world, shuts down after nearly two decades page, which provides a large number of pirated files and has millions of registered users, It will close on Wednesday, 30 November. And, with it, all the documents in your cloud, which will also be deleted from the server. is a website founded in 2005 and acquired in 2012 by the Swedish organization Syndo AG, which Allows you to upload and download files And which, in its time, came to compete with Megaupload, another unauthorized content distribution channel that shut down in 2012.

this website Has a subscription service and multiple storage plans These files are stored in the cloud, which works in a similar way to Google Drive and other services of this type.

because in this portal Pirated files abound and copies of original documents infringing copyright or copyrightThis website has been the target of the authorities since its inception.

As learned by TorrentFreak, which had access to emails sent by Cyando to its users, the company has opted to terminate the service, which will stop providing support starting this Wednesday, November 30.

By this means they highlight that the main website of has been shown as usual in recent days and at no time has it been specified that it will cease to exist. However, they’ve figured it out Some of their payment gateways have stopped working,

Cyber ​​criminals allegedly send an email with WhatsApp backup.

For its part, the platform will have encouraged users to make backup copies of their files, which will initially cease to be available from the same day, November 30. has not given a reference of the reason why it will stop workingBecause it only pointed to the fact that “the situation is such that it has to be closed”.

It should be remembered that currently this web page is immersed in various judicial processesHis problems with the copyright owners of the files he collects according to said medium date back at least eight years.

It was in 2014 when the Regional Court of Hamburg (Germany) determined that had not removed material protected by copyright, Too many notifications were received to delete these files, Exactly a year ago, when he received a lawsuit from Elsevier Publishing House for distributing copies of books from 2013.

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