Use this artificial intelligence to turn any character into a Pokémon

via technology using artificial intelligence Such results can be achieved which would take longer for a human to achieve. If we apply this to photography, we can get pictures of Lady Di or Michael Jackson looking up as they grow up; If we do the same with art, we’ll get a lot of creative images thanks to DALL-E; And if we apply this to the world of Pokemon, we can get very original and curious new generations.

With Open Source AI Available on GitHub, Users Can Design Totally Innovative Pokémon using keywords. The equipment also allows famous characters to be transformed into these creatures.

Lambda Labs, which is behind this build, assures that they only invested $10, so they chose to offer it to users. for free.

so you can make your own pokemon

For the AI ​​to turn your text into Pokémon, all you need to do is access the open source link and enter keywords in the ‘prompt’. This . names can be Fictional characters, real famous people, objects, emotions, etc., Of course, they must be written in English.

In addition, we can choose to create up to 4 Pokémon at the same time. When you have selected the conditions that you want the AI ​​to take into account, you need to press the ‘Submit’ or ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard. Doing so will allow Lambda Labs technology to start making Pokemon.

With Tiktok you can use pornographic material indirectly.

Once the image of the creature is created, it can be Share or download on social networks, Although this tool isn’t useful for making great discoveries, it can be used to pass the time and imagine what a politician, cartoon, or athlete would be like if it were a Pokémon.

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