Usoyaro Project: Washing machines for humans being developed in Japan

Science is a Japanese technology company specializing in bathroom and kitchen innovation, which recently announced its intention to make washing machines for humans. The concept could already be seen at the 1970 Osaka Exhibition, when the Sanyo Electric Company presented its ‘ultrasonic bath’, which Person cleaned, massaged and dried I was in in 15 minutes.

Sanyo Electric’s idea never made it to market, so it felt like we humans would have to clean ourselves for the rest of our lives. Now, science wants to take it up again with its ‘Usoyaro Project’, which defines it as The latest in “fine bubble technology”.

Its prototype consists of several surveillance sensors and an artificial intelligence system that will allow clean the body Users”. In addition, Science will also strive to “provide a healing space where you can relax with the sound of” relaxing music And this sight picture shown in the water

The sensors included in the machine will work To monitor the status of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems the person who uses it. For its part, the AI ​​will be in charge of using the data collected by the sensors. to create a comfortable environment that suits the needs of the user.

The device has ultraviolet light which gets rid of any virus or bacteria.

Tech firm hopes human washing machine is ready for demonstration At the 2025 Osaka Expo. With this sample, science will bring back a concept that had not appeared at the event for 55 years.

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