V from BTS is in danger at the airport, says the artist

Taehyung of bts He felt anxious at the airport and that is why he decided to make a statement.

a few days ago, V of bts flew to Paris, France, Unexpectedly and without giving the reason for his visit, he was in the country for a period of four dayssharing with army many pictures about living in your city paris, Then return to the airport and take a plane to Korea.

As always, the artist stole the hearts of his followers with a somewhat rock style and tremendous charisma, happily greeting fans as he walked through the airport, though many felt that your relationship with the artist There was only one member of the security team and your manager.

actually it This is worrisome Given the artist’s worldwide fame and the crowds that gathered when V In a public place, as in this case, the artist was surrounded by many people who recorded and took pictures of him while he was walking in the airport and there are rumors that V He was followed by the mob.

Netizens were grateful to the manager for giving them the protection that was within their reach, albeit a little angry with bighit music to Send Taehyung With insufficient security for your return journey Korea, since the artist was going to travel Korea One paris, He was surrounded by a group of bodyguards at all times.

because of this reason V He shared an image that showed how worried he is for his safety, to fans and reporters, the artist expressed that he really likes to share with his followers while traveling, but he noticed that How people bump into each other and fall.

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Taehyung of BTS was in danger at the airport

There are no ARMYs or reporters that were injured, Correct?. I worry every time I enter or leave a country, although I am happy to see the military. But it breaks my heart to see people falling or crashing. From now on, it would be great to see each other again and not be hurt or hurt.

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