Vadhir Derbez reveals details of Eugenio’s accident

Vadhir Darbez told about his father’s accident. Photo: Getty Images.

Vadhir Darbezi broke the silence all around Accident of his father, eugeniowho suffered various after falling breach In the shoulder that still keeps him healthy. In addition, he pointed out that it is likely to increase a Video to his youtube channel unfortunate facts,

It was last August 29 when the popular comedian Eugenio Derbez had to face a game crash in virtual realitywho sent him straight hospital to have surgery.

What did Vadhir Darbez give about his father’s accident?

In interviews on the program “La Caminera”, Vadhir mocked it, assuring that virtual reality games are “too dangerous for people who are already advanced in age,

“The guy (Eugenio) put on a ‘headset’ and thought he was about to fall off a cliff and when he jumped off a table, instead of realizing that he was on a safe floor, I don’t know what to do with him. What happened head, he ended up in the field in a very strange way.”

Wadhir Darbez.

Members of the Derbez Dynasty confirmed what his father said Regarding the fact that all his weight fell on his own shoulder: “Then the man understood that not everything in life is grace.”

already existing serious requestVadhir told that now he can make fun of the incident, as his father is “much better physically”, but “it was too dense” at the time.

“When (Eugenio) started saying ‘Oh, my shoulder,’ he immediately told me to take him to the hospital. I told him, ‘Wait for a little pain to go away’ and he said ‘No, I’ve got bones. Heard breaking’.

Wadhir Darbez.

Eugenio’s son, who is singer and premiering a single they collaborated with thong cantuleft open the possibility of raising video of accident to his YouTube channel.

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