Valencia installs solar panels on top of its tombs to save space

Valencia will house the largest urban solar plant in Spain with multiple cemetery placements of 6,628 boards, Its installation is set to begin this month and is part of a public energy project they have called ‘Requiem in Power’ (RIP) Whose target is to deliver 2.8 MW of electricity.

The Valencia City Council has clarified that the solar panels will be located exclusively on the roofs of five cemeteries. The largest that would be a general cemetery would be the one containing about 4,500 plaques. The rest will be distributed among Kabanyal (1,437 panes), Campanar (375), Benimamet (259) and Grao (146).

According to, the first phase will involve an investment of around 3 million euros and has the approval of the archdiocese, is important if we remember that the plaques will be installed in cemeteries. In total, it is intended to spend about 4 million euros.

The Mayor of Valencia, Juan Ribo, explained the reason for choosing cemeteries as a place to install the solar panels: “Cities usually do not have that much space for this type of installationBut we detected an opportunity for space on the lower terrace, which is no longer of use, and which, however, has a good orientation to install solar panels”

Researchers at the University of Oviedo study improvements for devices that orient solar panels

spanish cemetery with solar panels

The Valencians are not the first in Spain to propose the necropolis as a place to set up these energy plants. The first to do so were the Catalans, who had photovoltaic panels from their cemeteries Santa Coloma de Gramnet in Barcelona.

By far, the largest installation was that of the San Gabriel Cemetery in Málaga, which is 572,858 watts of power. The city council calculated at the time that this would allow them to save around 90,000 euros per year in energy costs.

The Valencia Project is very visionary, since they want to reach 2.8 MW, which is equivalent to 2,800,000 watts. That is, about five times more than the Andalusian cemetery.

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