Vanessa Arias Is Released And Details Her Ex’s Abuse: “I Will Never Forgive Him”

  • Vanessa Arias told her story of violence for the first time and amidst tears she said what she had experienced at the hands of an ex.
  • Vanessa Arias shares testimony of what happened 20 years ago.
  • The actress shared that her ex committed physical violence against her: “he broke a rib”; And also the psychologist: “He would put me in front of the mirror and tell me that I was a very ugly woman and if he was with me it would be out of pity”.

20 years later, Vanessa Arias She shared the horrific experience she lived with an ex-boyfriend, which caused her to face physical and psychological violence.

it was on the show ‘Sit who can’ Unimas, that Vanessa dared to give details about this difficult moment in her life for the first time.

“My name is Monica Vanessa Arias Nunez, I’m from Culiacan, Sinaloa and I was about to lose my life 20 years ago at the hands of the person who was my partner at that time, I was so lucky because I could be part of the dead women figures”, began the actress, who was violated by her partner at that time in 2002.

While this is not the first time that he has spoken out about the abuse he experienced, it is the first time that he has revealed the painful details he spent with his former partner. According to Vanessa, she was supposed to take a flight in the middle of December 24 of the same year, but with her actions, she woke up her boyfriend and then she got angry, “He pushed me down the stairs and smashed me to the ground, breaking my rib,

Later, Vanessa tries to report the incident, however, she finds herself in an unfortunate situation, as the female police officer who was not only receiving her, but the other beaten women asked the other people, asking them to do so badly. Looking like, “Okay? What? Have they assaulted their husbands like that?”

These words made Vanessa not want to continue with the process and she was left without filing a complaint, which she recognized was a mistake.

In addition to physical violence, her ex-partner also committed psychological violence on her because, according to her account, he told her that she was not beautiful and that he was with her out of pity, “I had eaten my brain. He put me in front of the mirror and told me that I was a very ugly woman and it was a pity if she was with me that no one was ever going to love me.,

However, Vanessa commented that their relationship was toxic because despite the fact that he had left the house several times, he returned and endured her abuse for love, “I don’t know if it was loneliness but I He was very scared. We ended up with like seven times in which he ran out of the house, I rented another apartment, but a week later I came back home, The love I felt for this person was more than the pain when he hit me“, he admitted.

The actress referred to an incident of violence against her, which her mother witnessed, but although she defended her, she put a stop to defending her partner, “I would have suffered the most in life when when he starts screaming. He had just recorded a telenovela and my mom was at home because my mom went to look after me because I had just got my nose and breasts done, and He started yelling at me and my mother defended me and I defended her. up to a certain point I thought it was normal and if she did it was because I deserved it,

After seeking treatment and receiving help, Vanessa was able to move on, however, confessing what had happened was a difficult process.

The actress had to do it when she heard her mother express her love for her while watching one of her soap operas and there Vanessa faced the situation, “I didn’t dare to tell it all, I couldn’t, it had no value And I told it because my mom was watching TV and I remember that character was going to appear in a soap opera, and my mom started saying ‘oh my’ (son-in-law) so cute and I remember that I started scratching my face and pulling my hair out of worry because I didn’t have the strength to tell my mom what was going on.”

Once revealing her anguish, Vanessa commented on how her family’s reaction was, “In my house they wanted to kill him. It’s been 3 years with a psychologist, with therapy and with a lot of courage because it’s so hard to move on and I would be a huge liar if I told you that I forgave him already. I’ll never forgive her but I ain’t got no complaints anymore,

Vanessa Arias details her ex's abuse

Finally, Vanessa left a message, “Have the courage to go ahead and do what I didn’t, condemn and tell everyone around you., there is always a tomorrow and a later; Our life does not end there”.

In the past, Vanessa revealed in another television program that an ex abused her for 5 years and that she was not only unfaithful to actresses but also surprised her with a man.

“Yeah, I made hot dogs because the guy I was with… that hit me in Monterrey. It hit me 5 years. However, I was with the same soap opera mates that I did and I still Came on stage and they all congratulated me,” he said.

And he continued, “What a strange feeling I got when I caught him with a guy. I went crazy. I sat right away from the washing machine, I started crying and the scrubber’s son still told me I was crazy And he saw what he saw. It was a transvestite, they weren’t playing. With a guy and so I went crazy because there I caught him and in my house. Shouldn’t reach because then you get the surprise… They were naked… That’s when we parted.”

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