Vanessa Claudio captivates as “Katrina” in a tight dress with transparencies

Vanessa Claudio joined the Mexican festival for death day And he called this Tuesday’s broadcast “to the extreme“With Makeup”KatrinaWith which she captivated thousands of fans and viewers who saw her flaunting her curvy and slim silhouette all in one. tight black dress with transparencies With which she ruined the beauty and style while confirming herself as one of the most beautiful on the show.

Beautiful presenter, who “gained fame in Mexico as part of the cast of”happy come“, showing off her curvy silhouette with a fit and elegant look, an outfit that was perfect to win over the audience of the program in which she has been a talent for many months, on her return to This Our Country, and the television station But saw her born as one of the most loved on the small screen.

Luce Hermosa from Vanessa Claudio as “Katrina”

Puerto Rican captive To celebrate his millions of fans with his outfits death day It’s November 1, because in this Tuesday’s broadcast she looked provocative and elegant at the same time, showing off a black dress with which she showed off all her beauty and which went perfectly with a pretty flower headdress combined that was the perfect complement to her makeup- the top “Katrina,

Vanessa looked like a beautiful “Katrina”. Photo: IG @alextremotv

the image in which Claudio Showing off her outfit to celebrate one of the most anticipated traditions in Mexico, it was shared on the official Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts “to the ultimate”In which the presenter can be seen posing in the forum with her fitted black outfit, a piece with which she stole many looks and sighs as it is a piece that fits her silhouette perfectly and features sequins. Combines transparency with brightness.

“We’re presenting you the hottest #AlExtremo stories! @vanessaclaudio”, was the text that accompanied the production of the program to the photography on the network, an image that has received flattering comments such as: “How can she always be so beautiful You look so beautiful @vanessaclaudio”, “beautiful”, “wow how beautiful”, “what a cool lady” and “beautiful”; among others.

The outfit she wore to the event, where she shared a stage with hosts Carlos Quirarte and Uriel Estrada, was shown just days before, right Vanessa was the driver of day of the dead parade Which took place last Saturday in Mexico City, and was also shown on the small screen for the occasion.”Katrina“With a stylish orange look.

The driver was surprised on the day of the dead parade. Photo: IG @vanessaclaudio

Vanessa She turned 39 last September and is originally from Puerto Rico. Before entering television, she participated in the 2006 Miss Intercontinental pageant, in which she did not take the crown but was the first runner-up and won the Miss Congeniality award. It was her interest in television for which she entered the Study Center at Aztec Electoral Training (CEFAT) that led her to become one of the most beloved and famous hosts of the morning.happiness comes”,

The beautiful presenter left the TV Azteca program to try her luck in the United States and other countries, and returned to Mexico at the beginning of this 2022, making herself happy to return to the television station that gave her her first opportunity, and So expressed on her social network, where she assured that she was nervous about the new phase that was “about to begin”.to the extreme“, an event in which she mesmerizes with her beauty and bubbly style.

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