Vanessa Claudio paralyzes the networks in a black mini dress with transparency

Vanessa Claudio Win over the audience of the program “at the peak“, in which she has been a host for a few months and shows her best form, and she demonstrated it in this Friday’s broadcast by posing with a flirtatious face. mini black dress with transparencywith whatever crippled the network Thanks for the picture he shared on the platform of the event.

Since the Puerto Rican woman gained fame as a presenter in Mexico “come joey” She has stood out on social networks for her beauty and flirtatious sense of style with which she has taught fashion to many women, as she is undoubtedly crowned as one of the best dressed on the small screen, something that Which she now shows in the TV Azteca show. , a television station to which he returned in 2022 after spending time outside the country.

Vanessa Claudio captivates in a mini dress with transparency

Claudio39 years old She fell in love with millions of her fans with her elegant and revealing outfit, because in this Friday’s broadcast she was seen provocatively showing a black one-piece with a mesh dress, with which she showed all her beauty. appeared, a look she completed with earrings shaped like gold and precious stones, and chose a style to show off her hair glamor The light waves are separated on one side.

Vanessa stole the look in her revealing mini dress. Photo: IG @alextremotv

“The gorgeous @vanessaclaudio is raising your senses #AlExtremo! Follow her now through the screen of @aztecauno.”, was the text that accompanied the photo published on the network of the evening’s event, The image has received flattering comments such as: “My beautiful Wayne”, “How pretty”, “Super beautiful without a doubt… a smile and attitude that makes her quite adorable!!!” and “What a Cool Woman”; among others.

The image in which the beautiful presenter shows her form short dress Adjusted” was shared to the official accounts ofat the peak“, in which you can see Vanessa posing from the stage in her long-sleeved fitted dress, which stands out for its design that combines velvet negro Thief transparenciesWhich gives a sensuous and daring touch to her outfit which can be seen that she wore stockings of the same tone.

The driver shines with his looks. Photo: IG @alextremotv

Vanessa Claudio Before venturing into television, she participated in the Miss Intercontinental 2006 pageant, in which she did not win the crown, but was the first finalist and won the Miss Congeniality award, as she has always won over with her charisma. It was his interest in the small screen that he entered the Study Center in Azteca Actors Training (CIFAT), which made him one of the most loved and well-known hosts of the morning show “Venga la Alegría”.

The pretty presenter left the TV Azteca morning show to try her luck in the United States and other countries, and returns in early 2022, finding herself happy to return to the television station that gave her her first opportunity, And he expressed it in this way. her social networks, where she assured that she was nervous about the new stage that was about to begin “at the peak“, a program in which she charms with her beauty and flirtatious looks.

The presenter of “El Extremo” impresses with her style. Photo: IG @alextremotv

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