Vanessa Claudio raises the temperature in tiny lingerie

This Friday, November 25, the beautiful television host, Vanessa Claudio She stole everyone’s eyes on social media after sharing a photo on her account. Twitter In which she showed off all her beauty in daring lingerie that left little or nothing to the imagination.

In front of his millions of followers on social networks, the main figure of “at the peak“She uploaded an image which shows that she has a curvy figure, so all the fans surrender to her great body at the age of 39. Here we present all the details.

Photo: Exclusive

Vanessa Claudio raises the temperature in a lingerie set

after the morning light “Come Joy”, Vanessa Claudio He consolidated himself as one of the most important figures on television in Mexico and this is reflected in the millions of followers he has on his various digital platforms. This makes all your content viral.

After spending many years abroad in this year 2022, the famous 39 year old model returned to our country, but now as an associate of the program “at the peak“, a niche that has helped him increase his fan following as the number of his followers on various platforms has increased significantly.

Now on his twitter account Vanessa Claudio She uploaded a photo of herself looking incredible in a risky set of lingerie that highlighted her toned stomach and sculpted legs, possibly one of the most envied looks in the entertainment industry.

publication as expected Vanessa Claudia This went unnoticed by no one as the vast majority agreed that she has one of the best bodies among the celebrities on the show. All Internet users agree that this type of clothing fits perfectly.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” read the message written by the host.

Photo: Twitter/@VZCR

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