Verified Twitter accounts impersonating LeBron James, George W. Bush and others send out fake tweets

Many Twitter users have already started exploiting the modified Twitter Blue by getting a blue check mark and pretending to be celebrities and politicians. Twitter Blue, which now costs $8 per monthThis is creating confusion about which platform’s accounts are genuine.

A verified Twitter account that named Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and a current profile photo of his family requested a trade, thanking Lakers fans and suggesting he was moving back to Cleveland. At a glance, the tweet looked genuine, but the handle was @KINGJamez, not the authentic @KingJames one. The tweet was deleted, and the account appears to have lost its verified status.

Another Twitter user pretended to be New York Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman and announced that he was signing an extension with the team. That account was suspended and the tweet was deleted.

Two accounts claiming to be related to former President George W Bush and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair exchanged tweets about how they “remember killing Iraqis.” Another impersonated ESPN reporter Adam Schefter and a tweet claimed that Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniel was fired. All three accounts have been suspended.

CBS News reached out to Twitter for a statement.

Twitter CEO Elon MuskWho? took over at the end of last monthwhere is the handle engage in impersonation Without explicitly specifying that they eat a parody, they will be suspended permanently. While parody accounts and impersonations have always existed on the platform, experts and users have warned that putting a price on verified badges can lead to confusion, misinformation and scams.

First, as a way to separate some accounts, Musk rolls out a gray “official” check mark next to some accounts to indicate that the social media company had verified their authenticity. However, within hours of the experiment, he canceled the plan.

According to TwitterOnly accounts subscribed to Twitter Blue on iOS on or after Wednesday are eligible for the blue checkmark going forward.

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