Veronica Castro demanded an apology from Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Jorge Carbajal and took a drastic step to achieve this.

Veronica Castro is in the eye of a storm because of the allegations made by him Youtuber Jorge Carbazal, who reported that the actress allegedly harassed her fans and had lousy conversations with some of them when they were minors, In view of this, Cristian Castro’s mother demanded a public apology and took drastic measures to achieve this.

through a video youtube Titled “The Other Face of Veronica Castro”, the affected person assured that he had access to conversations he had with the host’s group during his visit to Miami. Women aged 11 to 18 years, indicated that they saw risky pictures And they talked about topics like masturbation.

“Veronica Castro talked to her fans about all kinds of topics, about celebrities, about contracts that were so important to her, recording of anecdotesWhat I’m saying so far, it’s very interesting and we’re doing great, but all of a sudden dawn In the night she talked about masturbation, they saw so many lewd pictures and she commented ‘How delicious it looks, what a craving’I am in love‘ Stuff like that,” Carbajal said.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante again raised the issue during the “Sal el Sol” event and addressed the alleged victims, urging them to take an initiative legal process for harassment. He said that YouTubers should have proof of the conversation, otherwise they would not have mentioned it.

Veronica Castro demands a public apology Photo: IG @gainfante

“They claim they went to Miami and saw some inappropriate chats with girls who were minors when Veronica Castro hosted the ‘Pecanos Gigantes’ event. We haven’t seen them, I understand. They have not shown them but I also think that they would not dare to say anything without evidence of that nature as Mrs Castro could have easily sued them,” said the journalist.

Veronica Castro demands apology

The “The Rich Too Cry” actress hasn’t kept quiet despite the allegations against her Twitter shared a message with which he publicly demanded an apology show journalist And youtuber decided to temporarily close his account until this happens, in order to achieve this.

“Dear friends of this little window, I am very sorry to inform you that at the moment this twitter has been canceled Unless Ask Jorge Carbajal and Gustavo Adolfo Infante public apology for his aggression, lies and lack of respect towards me,” he wrote.

Although this is not the only message shared on this social network, as I also accuse them of destroying people for money: “watch them and record them well pBecause they are the ones who are dedicated to destroying the whole world for payment from you, who knows. Poor, have to take sour roti home to eat. forgive them, my god,

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