Veronica Castro demands a public apology from Jorge Carbajal and Gustavo Adolfo Infante

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Actress Veronica Castrowho was accused of having inappropriate conversations with girls aged 11 to 18, announced that she would withdraw from the social network Twitter.

The measure will remain in place until the celebrity receives a public apology from journalists. Jorge Carbajal and Gustavo Adolfo InfanteBecause she believes that both disrespected her.

And it is that the first of those mentioned is the alleged inappropriate conversations that the 69-year-old woman may have had with the girls, where apparently risky topics were discussed.

On the YouTube channel ‘Productora 69’, the communicator mentioned that the former Big Brother host took advantage of her power as a public figure to get closer to the girls.

Once that happened, he started having Zoom meetings that took place at dawn and where he referred to his great parts with euphemisms like “Toad”.

Evidence shown to date indicates that there was talk of intimate violence situations (pointing to the leaked video of Gabriel Soto, in which he appeared unclothed).

Some of the people involved showed their faces this Wednesday; Above denied feeling harassment from the star, at least that’s what she said in an interview for the program ‘Gossip No Like’.

Veronica Castro announces a drastic move after her alleged inappropriate chat was leaked

The situation escalated to the point that the protagonist of “Wild Rose” responded to some of the attacks on Twitter during Tuesday, in addition to hinting that Yolanda Andrade may have plotted the attack against him.

But that’s all it tells Veronica Castro He had enough controversy, so he announced that he would no longer use his official account. Twitter Until the two communicators apologize to him for what happened.

The protagonist of the telenovela said, “Dear friends of this little window, I am very sorry to inform you that Jorge Carbajal and Gustavo Adolfo Infante will not publicly apologize for their aggression, lying and disrespect towards me until Till then this twitter has been cancelled.” Right to be born’.

Photo: Twitter @vrocastroficial (screenshot)

The “First Hand” host has disagreed with the matter because he mentioned that La Vero’s career was over after the leak.

The comments were immediate, as some expressed themselves in his favor and asked to prove his innocence. On the other hand, there are people who are untrustworthy and question him for talking about sexual issues with minors.

It is still unknown if Veronica Castro will take legal action against Jorge Carbajal and Gustavo Adolfo Infantebecause it seems that for now he has limited himself to just shutting his Twitter.

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