Veronica Castro “isn’t alone”, Jose Alberto “Guerro” Castro confirms in defense of his sister

Jose Alberto “Guerro” Castro in defense of Veronica Castro. Photo: Cuartoscoro

Following the controversy surrounding Veronica Castro for alleged harassment of minors, Jose Alberto “Guerro” Castro, Famous actress’s brother came out defending from your Sister, Having said that she is not alone. The manufacturer noted that Him it was done to him without importance,

“These are absurd things and it’s a subject I’m not going to talk about, to be honest, it makes me X”.

Jose Alberto “Guerro” Castro

father of Daughters of Angelica Rivera It was emphasized that Veronica Castro, who was also defended by alleged harassment victims, is not alone, despite the fact that her son, Christian Castroit is not found in Mexico, and he emphasized that family it keeps joint You leaning on,

“She’s not alone, she’s not alone. I think the media has handled a lot of other things that aren’t… The whole family has always supported each other, it’s something that my mother has always done.” Left us, they educated us this way.

Jose Alberto “Guerro” Castro

In a meeting with several media outlets, the creatorwho sometimes encouraged her sister to use the filter, highlighting that gossip should be DiscardedAs Veronica reached out to Castro, who has already broken her silence on the situation.

“There’s a part in the media that one has to respect when it comes to being a professional and there’s another part that one has to relinquish when it’s a joke.”

Jose Alberto “Guerro” Castro

On the other hand, Sofia Castroniece of Veronica CastroWho announced his withdrawal from social networks in an interview Eden Dorantesrefused to talk about the subject, because he said, “He takes over as the official spokesperson” from your famous family,

“I’m not going to talk about it at all, it’s a topic that’s foreign to me and all of a sudden they grabbed me as the official spokesperson for my family and I prefer not to comment on the subject at all.” “

Sofia Castro.

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