Veronica Castro takes legal action after being accused of harassing minors

after the actress Veronica Castro was reportedly chosen to be Worried For the sake of some of her younger fans, the presenter decided to take the matter on legal terms.

through a statement issued on social networkThe law firm Schütte and Delsol Gojon reported that the actress “has been a victim of” moral damage, digital violence and media”, for which he will initiate legal action.

“These notes and publications distort reality and make false and very serious allegations. Mrs. Castro committed no crime and it is our legal advice to defend against these false allegations as well as to take legal action. , yes participate in this Take it,” the statement read.

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Similarly, the text elaborates: “Falsely publicized and manipulated information also affects the rights of minor adolescents. Veronica Castro reiterates her support for them, and appreciates the expressions of affection and solidarity received from both them and their families.” At all times in the U.S., we will work with an early childhood and gender perspective, working hand in hand with and supporting these adolescents and their families, in defense of the best interests of children and adolescents.

Similarly, the firm regretted that “vague interests sought to exploit minors to influence our client. We hope that the juvenile who made threats against other minors and who was certainly molested.” was said external interestExplain the truth behind these facts at an appropriate procedural moment”.

“Mrs. Castro admitted that she made a mistake: to sin naively by believing that there would be no hidden agenda within this group of followers who expressed affection and admiration for harming her. For contact with Veronica Castro His channels have always been open. The public that follows him at all ages throughout his career. His generosity, gratitude and kindness exposed him to evil intentions that he could never have imagined,” he said.

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In the end, he revealed that he agreed in good faith to take the call with this group of fans he knew about, and which his parents had attended. “He never exposed them to inappropriate material, nor did they encourage or inspire behavior of this nature. Notes and publications indicating the contrary not only lack journalistic ethics, but also violate the law.” “

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