Veronica Castro was abandoned and forgotten by this man when he needed her the most

Veronica Castro It has been in the news for the past few weeks. The host and the actress were accused of allegedly interacting with minors. But the life of the famous has been stormy since childhood.

In both his personal life, family and within the show, Veronica Castro It has been the target of rumors and controversies. For example, the statement of yolanda andradeWell, apparently they had an emotional affair, they must have got married too. other couples who knew him were Manuel “The Crazy” Valdes,

However, due to her early pregnancy, their relationship failed just like her mother. Like the late Socorro Castro, Veronica took care of her son, because she lived him in her own body, because he was abandoned by his fatherAbout which very little is known.

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Who is his father and why is he never talked about?

Whose mother was Socorro Castro? Veronica Castro and her brothers, Jose Alberto and Beatriz, the host and actress is the oldest of the four. For this reason, he had to take care of her since childhood, as her mother worked to be able to support her.

and that is, Veronica Castro’s father It was not a part of his childhood. known as man fausto sanzo, would have been a clerk for Mexico’s blast furnace and left Mrs. Socorro. For this reason, Veronica Castro avoids talking about her, especially because she has almost no memories and because she does not forgive her mother for leaving her.

growing up without parental support.”Truth“She had to take responsibility for her brothers and for that, the man who gave her life did not exist, as it is unknown today whether she is still alive or that she has died like her mother.

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