Victor Garber: the engineer who apologized for the sinking of the Titanic and confessed that filming lasted an eternity

The actor was born on 16 March 1949 in Canada. (Image: 20th Century Fox – Jovani Perez)

New films are released around the world every year, while some become box office hits, others pass off as classics of the seventh art. such is the case titanica dramatization of tragic sinking of ocean liner Starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio hit the big screen in 1997. Since then it has been passed on from generation to generation. One of the inevitable love stories for every movie lover,

During the past 25 years, its heroes have revealed few details or curious facts during filming and have been honest about how their careers changed after their worldwide success. In an interview for Infobae Mexico, Victor Garber admitted it was exhausting to play Thomas Andrews -The engineer who led the construction titanic– Due to the complexity of the scenes.

But thanks to the encouragement from his colleagues, he was able to complete the project giving his best all the time. Not only that, it also affected her trust in director James Cameron, who turned her vision into history.

“I remember it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, it was incredibly exhausting. I’m grateful to be surrounded by the people I worked with, I loved the cast. Shoot that movie. took forever to do and so it was very difficult, but My classmates pushed me and I had faith in director James Cameron as well.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t build a strong ship for you, young Rose. Good luck”, said Thomas bye. in Titanic. (Instagram photo: @therealvictorgarber)

I knew I was in the middle of something that would become historic, though I didn’t know how historic, but I was sure I was dealing with a visionary, with a man for whom I had Having nothing but respect and having loved to work with him and with all the other cast members, it took forever.

The role played by Victor Garber was original and took a lot of emotional toll, because he represented the engineer everyone blamed because the ship did not catch on and sank after hitting an iceberg in 1912. His scenes are best remembered, mainly the encounters with him. Rose (Kate Winslet) trying to save her life jack (Leonardo Dicaprio).

When questioned about the most important character in his career, Victor Garber explained that there are many beloved, but without a doubt the project that opened doors for him was Jesus, and that the American actor starred God spell, a project inspired by Gospel of Saint Matthew Established in New York in the 1970s,

He looked like this in Titanic and Godspell.  (Image: 20th Century Fox // Lansbury-Dukan-Beruh Films)
He looked like this in Titanic and Godspell. (Image: 20th Century Fox // Lansbury-Dukan-Beruh Films)

“Well I don’t have one, it ain’t… I mean I played JesusIt would be easy though it was something that changed my life, Of course I have made many movies, I have memories of them all, although some films have been more interesting or funnier than others, but I don’t have a favorite character, but I think I’ve been lucky enough to play so many different people, Some real, some mythical, fictional, but I really don’t have any favourites,” he said.

Regarding the hardships the artists of the community may face LGBT+commented: “Definitely is and always will be, I have never really paid much attention to it, I just do what I do and people love me because I am a good actor, that is how I have lived my life,

It must be remembered that the 73-year-old actor broke all barriers and got married to Rainer Andreessen in 2015.

On October 6, the first season premiered on Universal TV.  (Photo courtesy of Universal TV)
On October 6, the first season premiered on Universal TV. (Photo courtesy of Universal TV)

Victor Garber is promoting his new series, family Law, where he plays the role of a lawyer who works in the same office with his children. Regarding the plot, American explained that family dramas would be treated along with legal matters.

“It’s a broken family, it’s a father with three kids from three different wives, that’s what we started with. Each child has their own problems with their father, of course, they come from different family dynamics, this is more varied and dramatic, especially jewel The eldest daughter, who, when we meet her, is going through a divorce, as well as realizing that she has an alcohol problem and that her father basically comes to save her,” she said.

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