Victoria Beckham removed a tattoo dedicated to her husband David for a powerful cause

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Although recently tattoos have become a fashion trend among celebrities. Victoria Beckham She is seen removing the ink marks on her body, including one dedicated to her husband, the footballer David Beckham,

The fashion designer loved capturing the most important moments of her life on her skin and in recent years has been seen with letters and symbols that were created in tribute to her children and her husband David Beckham.

Even then, Removed the Roman numeral VIII-V-MMVI, which she inscribed on her right wrist and which represents May 8, 2006, the date she and David renewed their marriage vows.

Also, next to the date, Victoria Beckham He had a phrase written in Latin that we can translate as “from the beginning again”, and probably referred to the time he moved to Los Angeles in 2007.

Victoria Beckham visited the Today With Hoda & Jenna show, where she explained why she withdrew the designs. Regarding the wrist tattoos dedicated to the former footballer, Victoria said, “I had these tattoos a long time ago and they weren’t particularly delicate.”

“My husband has a lot of beautiful tattoos, and so do the kids, and they’re great, and done by the most extraordinary artists, but mine was a little rough and bloody, a little bit. He didn’t look that pretty,” He added.

Star explained thatHis designs started bleeding and changed color to blue They just made him think that they were not looking good. “It doesn’t mean anything more than that. I think the media started speculating, was I leaving my husband? No. I was a little fed up with the tattoo. It’s as simple as that,” she said .

Victoria clarified that her marriage to David Beckham is better than ever and that tattoo removal is not a sign of separation or marital distress.

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